The Story

Balderdash and Babble is a simple blog created by a simple man.

It’s funny I should choose today to create my first blog.  It is also the day I revamped my social media face to the world.  As I said in my earlier Facebook status, “Taking a number of social networks by the horns today.. joined Pinterest, updated my LinkedIn and joined some groups, got the new timeline on Facebook, linked Pinterest with Facebook and LinkedIn with Twitter, and made more than one tweet today! .. What is happening to me? I’m becoming technologically advanced liked I am supposed to! Scary!“.  It is a bit scary.  One links with the other and the other links with another, and at times it seems like life can get lost in the next link without a status.  But that is what I am set out to prevent, getting lost in the world of social media.  So let’s start with a little of my real life.

I am a father of three wonderful girls.  I am married to my wife Katie, who is my best friend.  I volunteer at a local food pantry, delivering food to local seniors and helping families get food (almost like a grocery store experience for them).

I read a lot in my spare time.  I enjoy spending time with my family.  I just started writing book reviews.

I work as a marketing representative for Lilar Corporation.  I run an email marketing campaign, social media campaign, have built our website, manage our website, and manage customer accounts, both new and existing.  I am also our United Way campaign manager.

That’s me 🙂  The story as it is 🙂  If you have any questions for me, there are multiple ways of contacting me from right here on my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading.

-Ryan Klaas


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