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Summer is here!  And I am back!  Sorry I have been MIA since, well, the blog started.  Blogging is a life adjustment I am still getting used to.  I’ll try to be more diligent in the future.  

I will be writing another blog in the near future.  I am building a new website for my company, and it is going to feature an ice cream and frozen dessert blog authored by yours truly, and an instructional video blog that I am also going to be the star of.

As I said before, summer is here.  That means softball games, barbecues, more time outside in the sun and vacations 🙂

I say vacation(s) lightly.  We are actually only taking one great vacation, with a few mini vacations along the way.  This year we are planning a trip to see beautiful Colorado.  We’re going to be staying in Breckenridge for a whole week 🙂 Our activity list for the week is fast growing (4 people with ideas of their own add up fast!)  We are planning a lot of fun things.  Hiking, which we all love.  A trip to a state park or so.  We will hopefully get to see Laurie and Nathaniel, who live close by.   More on all of that in a month!

As for the smaller, or mini, vacations.  We already have one in the books, but we are rather spontaneous, so there will likely be more!  Our one small vacation, we went to Shade’s State Park with our friends Scott and Sara, and the kids. Unfortunately Madison couldn’t be with us 😦 ..  She had other obligations with her Mom.  But Lily had her friend and her friend’s little brother to play with all weekend. We did a lot over the one small weekend.  We hiked two large, and very rugged, trails, and one smaller one on a night hike.  The larger and more rugged trails were beautiful! They had lots of elevation, waterfalls and streams.  Indiana trails haven’t disappointed so far.  We also hung around the camp a lot.  Lily, Sophia and Jackson all rode their bikes all weekend.  Ranger Collin stopped by a few times for some educational experiences for the kids.  And the adults had plenty of relaxing recreation around the fire 🙂  We have made a tradition of camping at Shades State Park, a tradition I look forward to for years to come!

Our other big event, or series of them, is Madison’s select softball.  She plays for the Collinsville Extreme Softball Club this year and she has personally done great!  The coach has spread the kids around all the positions at some time or other, but Madison is starting to blossom into a great catcher 🙂  She has a great arm, and she loves the position!  She is also become a better batter this year (not that she was lacking last year).  She has had a plethora of great hits so far with more to come!  We’re proud of you Madison 🙂

On a personal note, I started a diet / lifestyle change in February.  I chose the Atkins route and have been extraordinarily happy with it.  Progress for diets is usually slow, but I will stay the course 🙂

That’s all the news for now.  Katie and I are doing great.  Our marriage has turned out to be more than I could have hoped for when imagining what it would be like.  We have grown closer in faith and love every day.  We still have and love our dog, Carter.  He is still CRAZY. Our family is settling in nicely at our new parish, SS. Peter and Paul and look forward to more blessings to come.

Thanks for reading.

-Ryan Klaas


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