Friday.. Where have you been?

Finally Friday.. What a week it has been.

Have you had those weeks where each day seemed like two and the week seems to never end?  That was this week for me.

Don’t get me wrong though.  Overall, it has been a great week!  Each summer, we have Madison with us 6 weeks (every other week) and this was the first week this summer. Madison had lifeguard camp this week and Lily had bike camp.  Wow, have they had a blast!

Unrelated to the great events of the week, it just feels like it should have ended on Tuesday.. ha-ha

I have started building my website for work, which will be invaluable experience.  I am also learning how to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, and have discovered Drop Box.  I may be the only one that hadn’t tried something like Drop Box, but now that I have I’m not sure how I survived without it!  I can share work files with my home computer, pictures from my IPhone with my home and work computer, my Mom and I can share Adobe files and pictures.  The possibilities are too numerous to keep going!  Anyway, you may or may not get a Drop Box invitation from me and I may or may not get extra free storage space if you accept the invitation… (couch cough).. ha-ha.  If you DO want to join drop box, use this link and I will get some free space 🙂  (Drop Box Link)

Tomorrow is our annual (first for us) SS Peter and Paul parking lot sale.  I am a yard sale junkie, so hosting a spot at one is a lot of fun for me!  We had our own yard sale last weekend, and it was a big success.  If we can sell the majority of our stuff at this one, we will be in good shape 🙂  And as always, the clean feeling of getting rid of stuff you are using as often anymore is as valuable as the money collected for said stuff.

That’s all for today!  I will likely post something about the parking lot sale tomorrow and maybe a special Father’s Day post on Sunday.

Also, if anyone would like to go to our SS Peter and Paul parking lot sale, the address is 207 Vandalia St, Collinsville, IL.  It is at the corner of Hwy 159 and Clay St.

Until next time!

-Ryan Klaas


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