Fantasy football is like Christmas :)

It’s now the time of the year when it is Christmas every week. The Christmas presents aren’t always good in these weekly Christmases, but I want to open the gift each week none-the-less.

This thought came to me tonight as I was watching the Season Kickoff Game tonight with my wife, Katie.
Now my wife, as it turns out, is about as competitive as I am.  Therefore, she is also about as nervous as I during the first week of our fantasy football season.  As silly as it sounds, her nervousness is caused by having both Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco on her team this week.  This is obviously no debate under normal circumstances, but tonight Joe Flacco had a great start, while sitting on her bench, and Peyton Manning, her starter did not. Fast forward, what… 30 seconds?? And Peyton Manning took off and didn’t look back scoring 52 fantasy points along the way (as of the middle of the 4th quarter), which is HUGE is fantasy football!
As I said, no debate. Peyton Manning is a must start in any situation.
As I sit here watching my wife in all her glory and joy over her QB’s monster night, I can’t help but feeling like this, like each week until the end of the season will be, is like Christmas.  I have no players playing tonight, but have to watch as Peyton Manning scores unbelievable point totals for Katie and can only imagine what is behind the shiny paper of my team.  I am very happy she is off to a great start, but her great start is building my anticipation to all time highs!
My time will come. Sunday will be here soon.  I will then be able to open my presents to see what fantasy football gifts await me.
And then I will start my weekly Christmas season all over again.
So I guess, Merry Fantasy Football Christmas everyone!
Ryan Klaas

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