Sundays have now officially become even  more important, if that is even possible 🙂

Today football starts.
Sundays to me are a wonderful day anyway. I feel more at peace after going to church, we get to see family or do fun things or maybe just be lazy. But now we can add football to that list 🙂
Today will not be much different than the above list.  We are going to 10:30 mass instead of our traditional 8:00. Then we get to watch some football (!!!), including the late day Rams game. The one thing we may do differently today is start to paint the baby room, which Katie is super pumped about 🙂
Well, off to enjoy my Sunday. I hope all of you do the same!
P.S. I wanted to share something fun with you. I was pleasantly surprised to find out u have a small international following with my blog posts, including 26 people in Russia. Thank you to all that follow and read!
-Ryan Klaas

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