Got the Monday Blues?

Most people do not smile on Monday until 11.16 am.Really?  Well, yes, I do believe that is true of most Mondays.  At least it would seem that way.

Now please don’t get me wrong.  There are 7.108 BILLION people in the world.  Out of that 7.108 billion, someone is going to smile on a Monday, or heck, maybe every Monday (some people are weird like that!).  But if they had the amount of ambition I felt this morning when I got out of bed, they would not, in fact, smile until 11:16 am.

When I rolled out of bed this morning, late (50% of workers on Monday are also late for work), I thought “I am not going to work”.  But I know that isn’t an option.  Not now anyway.  There is WAY too much to be done on a daily basis to call off because it’s Monday.  Even though the number of heart attack victims is increased by 20% on Mondays, therefore I am increasing my chance of death by just going to work, I still need to be there Monday.

But who wants to let a Monday get them down? After-all, Monday is also the least rainy day of them all! (Ironically it was thundering when I woke up, but as if complying with this particular fun fact, it didn’t rain..)  So since I had an overwhelming feeling I would have a rough and tough day, I decided I needed to make myself happy.  So I rolled up my sleeves, did some research, and here is what I found.

  • Clean underwear is statistically more abundant on Monday, likely due to the extra time for laundry over the weekend
  • M&M’s and Mondays both start with “M”
  • Other pleasant words that start with “M” are Magical, Memories, Mickey Mouse, Merry, Meditate, and Marvelous
  • Monday Night Football is only on Monday
  • My favorite weekly feature on MNF, C’mon Man!, is also on Monday
  • There is usually a tasty leftover to take for lunch, and sometimes enough left for dinner on Monday
  • Labor Day and Memorial Day are both on Mondays
  • The Eiffel Tower opened on a Monday
  • Wheel of Fortune premiered on a Monday
So you see?  There are some good things about a Monday!  When you find yourself with the overwhelming feeling that your Monday is going to be bad, just remember that we first walked on the moon, on a Monday.
Have a great start to your week!
-Ryan Klaas


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