Survivor Tree – A different 9/11 Story

September 11, 2001.

A day we will obviously all remember.  A day that deserves respect of the surviving families and victims.  A day to find peace in prayer.

It is also a day where we will hear countless survivor stories and countless tragedy stories.

While these stories and the individuals involved in the stories deserve respect and our prayer as I said before, I want to shed light on another 9/11 story.  A “survivor” story of a different kind, if you will.

I had heard about this a couple of times before but could not remember where, so I looked it up today.  There is a direct link to the pages I found it on below.


This is the short story of the “Survivor Tree“:

There is a Callery pear tree a few yards from Ground Zero that has become a powerful symbol of resilience and survival. When the tree was found in the World Trade Center Plaza amid the rubble of the 9/11 attacks, it was little more than a burned and twisted tree trunk only 8 feet tall.

By 2009, the tree had rebounded and flourished, growing to a height of 30 feet and starting to blossom again each spring. Then, in March 2010, New York City was hit by a severe windstorm that uprooted the tree and knocked it down. Incredibly, the tree survived again.

(short story above found HERE)

This is one tough tree.  The above story is just a short version because I want to keep my post short.  If you find this tree as neat of a story as I do, you can read more about it HERE.

If this story inspires you, pay it forward.  Take a moment today to inspire someone else.  You don’t have to share a story with them or do anything spectacular.  Just a simple compliment will suffice.

If you do want to do something spectacular to inspire others, dedicate some time to volunteer work.  Below are a couple options.

Big Brother, Big Sister

Veteran’s Hospital

Thanks for reading today.

-Ryan Klaas


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