A Busy Life – and important things to remember along the way

Whoa.. I let myself get too busy to write in a few days!

We are ALL too busy

Businessman Overwhelmed with PaperworkUnfortunately, it’s very easy to get lost in the constant barrage of things that come up each day and forget to take part in our lives. That’s what happened to me in the last week.

“The website deadline is here, go over the MUST FINISH list” “Don’t forget BOTH kids have soccer 3 times this week” “There is a list of things to fix or do at home” “Oh Crap!  my computer died! Now what?”

I feel as if it is unique to me, but of course I know it’s not.  The above examples are actual things that happened to me this last week along with the rest of life that happens no matter what.  The worst of which was my computer going down while in the middle of finishing my company website.  Fortunately, everything is completely backed up.  It just took way too long to get a new computer up and running to get back on track.  That is how I got lost in the last week and forgot to slow down and enjoy my life, including sitting down to write.

Self evaluation

This brought me to self-evaluate (again.. I tend to do that a lot).  My life felt hectic, so I needed to remind myself that, yes, life is busy, and yes, I can enjoy it.

I came across a couple of sites while doing my self-evaluation, and they really do lay it out there perfectly. (You can find the sites HERE and HERE) They covered such simple points such as Notice the Small Things and Find Joy and Be Present and Breathe. Yet they are also important points to remember in times like these.

My game plan

This has brought me to develop a potential system to remember to slow down.  It’s not a universal system and I’m not offering this as advice (I’m nowhere near expert enough to do that!).  This is just what I have vowed to do for me.

  1. Remember to control what I can, and adjust to what I can’t — Some things just happen.  This reminder just might save me from a lot of frustration and re-energize my mind.
  2. Take time to do what I enjoy and FULLY enjoy what I do — This sounds very cliche.. heck it is really cliche, but I like it  🙂 There is always something else to do or something waiting for my attention.  Therefore what I am doing is that much more worthwhile.  I love my family, I love writing, I love a lot of things!  It will be good to really enjoy my time with all of them.
  3. Pray Pray Pray — Some of you may not be religious.  Don’t let this line turn you off.  Prayer is peaceful for me and it brings my mind and my life into focus.  This can be many things for you.  Whether it be meditation or solitude.  As long as it is something that makes you feel at peace.

Life is great enough that it is worth everything we can get from it.  I’ll end this with a fun quote from the infamous Hulk Hogan (ha-ha!  It seriously is from him!)  If you like it, you can find more quotes on life HERE.

I woke up and realized life is great and people are awesome and life is worth living. Hulk Hogan 

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Klaas


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