Red October | Being a St. Louisan during the playoffs

USP-MLB_-NLCS-Los-Angeles-Dodgers-at-St.-Louis-Car_005-1024x661#RedOctober #GoCards #PostCards #CardinalNation #Cardinals #Postseason..  Twitter feeds are a-buzz in St. Louis and when St. Louis fans get on something, it trends. (Rally Squirrel anyone?)

Red October.  That is what post-season baseball has come to be known as in St. Louis.  The St. Louis fans are fanatical when it comes to Cardinals baseball and even more-so during the post season, our Red October.

Being in St. Louis during playoffs does have a certain sense of magic to the air, and it is very easy to get lost in.  Just yesterday, I was crossing the MLK bridge (going home to Illinois) when Carlos Beltran hit his 3-run home run. I couldn’t help risking it and looking back to see the fireworks explode above the stadium as I listened to the game on KMOX 1120.  That moment will probably not sound great to most of you, but being a St. Louisan, it was truly a great feeling.  In St. Louis, we are raised with Cardinal Baseball, and most of us have fond memories of listening to our favorite announcers on KMOX.

St Louis family tradition

2008 MLB Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis CardinalsBeing a fan of St. Louis Cardinal baseball is something that is passed from generation to generation around here.  We have our kids wear Cardinal red on game-days, Fredbird (the mascot that likes to “beak” you) visits classrooms across the area, we plan dinner around the game so we can watch it together, we go to the games with our kids, we teach them how to be a St. Louis Cardinal fan.

I, for one, enjoy every minute of it.

And I hope the Cardinals go all the way this year.  When they do, Cardinals Nation will be cheering them on from everywhere in and around the city.


Thanks for reading.

-Ryan Klaas


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