Does Christmas Really Crowd Thanksgiving?

Facebook is great for many things. One of the many things Facebook is great for is the ability it gives us all to champion this cause or that cause, one status update at a time.  Today, we are going to focus on one that has been flying off the Facebook cause shelves… Leave the turkey alone Santa Clause!

Does Christmas Really Crowd Thanksgiving?  Or Can They Both Be Enjoyed At The Same Time?


This is a subject in which the people against everything Christmas before December 1st are loud and proud, while the rest of us keep singing Jingle Bells and continue on our merry way.

Let’s be clear though. I do understand some of the reasons for keeping Christmas back until December 1st.

I, too miss my family when they have to work on the Holiday.  I, too enjoy the fall season, and Thanksgiving, and turkeys, and cornucopias, and heaps and heaps of comfort food on the table.

But I also love Christmas, especially the Christmas Spirit. While I watch the leaves fall, I like to watch them to the tune of Gene Autry singing about a Santa coming down my lane..  Now that I’m no longer a closet Christmas music fanatic, let’s move on.

Shopping On Thanksgiving??

crazy-target-ladyThe biggest argument I hear on Facebook against Christmas crowding Thanksgiving is stores being open on Thanksgiving.  While I have heard some good ones, I still don’t completely buy it.  Here’s why… NOTHING can be perfect.

As I said before, I, too miss my family when they have to work on Thanksgiving.  I have two family members in particular, Dustin and Rich, who work retail and will likely be stuck in a store on Thanksgiving.  Is this fair to them?  Yes and no.  Let me explain.

Retail is a business of sales.  All retail stores want sales and LOTS of them.  People that work retail know this when they sign on.  They work in the retail world knowing that there are going to be times when they have to work when everyone else is enjoying themselves.  They know it and there are times when they love it.  Working on weekends and holidays is a byproduct of that, and they understand that.  Now, even though they understand that, and store managers will be CRAZY HAPPY that their store is raking in the cash, they will also be missing their family and their family will likely miss them.  As you can see, there are ups and downs.  Nothing can be perfect.

Other People Work On Thanksgiving Too, Where Is Their Love?

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coatWhile retail is the main focus of this Facebook cause, lets not forget all the other professions that also work on Thanksgiving.  Why should we feel bad about shopping on Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but not when we fill up our gas tanks?  What about when there is an emergency?  Do the same people that are bellowing for stores to close on Thanksgiving feel bad when a nurse has to treat them after an accident?  Or how about restaurants that stay open on Thanksgiving?  That’s right, some people don’t like to cook and eat out that day.  Should we feel bad for the cooks?  The servers?  The dishwashers?

There are many positions that require us to work on Holidays.  Don’t forget that the next time you are angry at Wal-Mart or Old Navy.

Some People Just Need The Money

Now for the one last thing people don’t think about when they spew their anger on Facebook.  Some people flat out need the money.

Not everyone is as fortunate as you or I.  Some people don’t have a family to go to for the Holidays.  Some people desperately NEED the money.  Sometimes it is both of those scenarios together.  And these same people may be making extra money that will help them get through to the next check.  Some of these devilish places that stay open on Thanksgiving also pay Holiday pay. (Some.. not all).

Christmas Spirit Can Live At Any Time Of The Year

christmas_spirit_santa_2I think the important thing to remember here is that people getting in the mood for Christmas is a good thing. Christmas brings out the good in us.  It’s a time of the year filled with joy that makes all of us go the extra step for someone, when we wouldn’t at other times of the year.

The next time you get angry because someone is crowding Thanksgiving with Christmas, embrace it and live the Christmas Spirit.  So put a mistletoe on your turkey this year and everyone have a Happy and Merry ThanksChristmasGiving!

Thanks for reading.

-Ryan Klaas


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