Turkey Cake? Made of Ice Cream? Yes Please!

Baskin Robbins’ Thanksgiving Ice Cream Treats


Just when we all thought Thanksgiving couldn’t get yummier, Baskin Robbins brings their Turkey Cake back.

This isn’t an actual cake made of turkey, as you may expect from the title, but rather “is “glazed” with Caramel Praline Topping and is decorated with sugar cone legs, and can be customized with a guest’s favorite ice cream flavor.” according to the official Baskin Robbins press release.


For those of you creeped out by slicing a frozen ice cream turkey for dessert, may find more comfort in the Baskin Robbins Turtle Pie.  According to Baskin Robbins “(Our) Turtle Pie is the perfect treat for guests looking for a creative twist on a classic holiday dessert and features a chocolate pie crust filled with Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream, adorned with a Caramel Praline Topping and pecans. ”

Sounds delicious.

They are also offering mini turkey ice cream treats and “Gingerbread Junction” ice cream flavor of the month.

Now I want to go to Baskin Robbins!

In case you do too, you can find a store here.  If you try the Turkey Cake, can you let me know how it is?

Thanks for reading.

-Ryan Klaas


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