STL Cards Opening Day

Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis CardinalsIt’s here again. A “St. Louis Holiday”. The St. Louis Cardinals home opener.

It’s funny, really. The home opener is such a beloved day for Cardinal Nation, when someone says opening day, it is never followed by “Of what?”. Everyone in St. Louis somehow immediately knows that you mean the St. Louis Cardinals home opener. A day for fans to enjoy baseball, Clydesdales, hall of famers and so much more.

Given that today is such a special day to St. Louisans, it isn’t hard to imagine there are a lot of Cardinal Fanatics that take the day off as a holiday to tail gate and celebrate all day. In fact, I have done that myself before, though not this year. Even though I am not fortunate enough to be there myself, it still feels rather special being so close to the action (my office is in Soulard). And of course, I can live vicariously through my friends Steve and Leslie and their pictures on Facebook.

If you are going to be there today, have one for me (a ballpark beer and lots of fun that is)!

Go Cards!

STL Cardinals


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