Baby Mobility: Hide Everything!

The past year has brought my family a lot of experiences. Joy, fright, humor, wonder, awe,. etc etc. In short, we have a new baby. All parents can attest to the fact that when there is a baby around, you can go through a mixed series of emotions and new experiences in a matter of minutes, and the newness keeps coming.

Cece 1st Birthday Pictures

Cece’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Our Cecilia (Cece) is 1 year old now (or 14 months to the Moms.. haha). Throughout the first year, my wife and I have tracked her progress on all the little stages children go through. Hand-eye coordination, rolling, crawling, first words. At each milestone reached we thought, “Wow! Our Cece is special! Did you see how well she did there?” Then we look at the charts and see that she is in fact not a genius, but perfectly on schedule. That perfect normalcy is nice to have. To know that your child isn’t excelling at a frightening pace, isn’t falling behind where she should be. She is perfect at being normal.

That does not keep us from constantly thinking the next milestone will be here tomorrow.  In December we said, “Wait, she just stepped! She’ll be walking next week!“. And it didn’t come the next week. Actually, it took two full months until she finally took her first real steps on February 14th. It was two months of waiting for the next day. Now, she can’t be stopped.

I chose to write a post about this today because of a video shared by my friend Steve on Facebook. It reminded me SO much of what Cece is doing that it made me laugh.

(Video Credit: Esther Anderson)

Watching the video made me think, “Wow. This is a really cool time. I am LIVING the videos that people go crazy about about everyday across the web“.

Cece at the park

Cece playing at the park

Cece isn’t quite where the toddler in the video is, but she is close. She still stumbles a lot, but just about everything she does makes us smile.

Two days ago, Katie was in the kitchen, which is directly in the path from the living room to the laundry room. We try to give Cece as much freedom to explore as is safe. So when Cece walked through the kitchen, smiling as she passed her Mom, we let her go. She walked into the laundry room, we heard the dryer door close, and the we see Cece wobbling back into the kitchen, smiling and holding a sock. It may have only been a sock, but it was a sock she got out of the dryer all by herself and she was  PROUD of that sock! haha

That is the kind of day we have everyday. Watching, smiling, laughing and loving every last bit of it. Cece has brought a joy that can’t be matched into our house.

(Video posted by Katie Klaas)


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