Little Ditty About SEO

SEOShort post today. I just wanted to share a thought, which comes with a tune:

“Little Ditty about SEO.
My fingers typing as fast as they go.
This photo is going to be an internet star.
The right words will take it far”

Sorry for the corny lyrics, I just needed a break and that was running through my head. See, the past few days I have been further optimizing our website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Meaning I have been planting all the right words in the code of pictures, posts, products, etc. to make them easier to find on the web.

So if someone searches for “Mango Italian Ice Base”, I want them to find this:

Mango Water Ice BaseMango Italian Ice Base | ZRC018


Mango flavored base for making Italian ice, water ice, sorbet and other frozen dessert products.

SKU: WIMAN. Categories: , .

Having the words most likely searched will bring our page up more often in searches, and when it does, they will see the best version of our page or product.

This also helps for other applications as well, such as Pinterest. When someone “pins” a picture to Pinterest, you don’t want it to say the wrong then in the description with the pin. Things such as the title are auto-generated by what people put in the picture to go with it. By optimizing each image with the right words, it will say what I want it to say rather than something generic like “mango bottle”. Also, when it is shared to Facebook, it will come up with relevant product and ordering information.

All this is great and rewarding, but takes me a lot of typing on 200+ products, which can get monotonous. Which is why I like to take little breaks like these.

Hope you learned something fun about SEO.. which 90% of the people reading this likely won’t care (Katie), and honestly, the other 10% likely already know what I am saying….. So thanks for reading anyway! 🙂



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