“Y cant we use prop eng bro?” WHAT?#@? – The Importance of Grammar and Your Personal Brand


At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man…. today’s generation cannot spell. This is not a new thing by any means.  It has reached mainstream news broadcasts, countless articles have been published on the subject, and don’t forget … Continue reading

Christmas TV Programming Schedule

Christmas Television Programming

The following is a schedule of the special Christmas programming for the St. Louis market (all times CST). For a more complete Christmas TV Schedule, visit the TV Guide listing. Christmas time is almost here!  Along with it comes a … Continue reading

Turkey Cake? Made of Ice Cream? Yes Please!

Baskin Robbins’ Thanksgiving Ice Cream Treats Just when we all thought Thanksgiving couldn’t get yummier, Baskin Robbins brings their Turkey Cake back. This isn’t an actual cake made of turkey, as you may expect from the title, but rather “is … Continue reading

Florida State University Acabelles Do An Amazing Job In Their Cover Of Royals -Lorde

FSU Acabelles Do An Amazing Job In Their Cover Of Royals I thought this video was cool enough to re-blog it. I am a big fan of this song (to my wife’s dismay).  I also thought the movie Pitch Perfect … Continue reading